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“The Three Body Problem” by Cixin Liu

“It was impossible to expect a moral awakening from humankind itself, just like it was impossible to expect humans to lift off the earth by pulling up on their own hair. To achieve moral awakening required a force outside the human race.” #LiuCixin #TheThreeBodyProblem #RememberanceOfEartPast   Genre: #Fantasy #SciFi #AsianLiterature #Futurism  Books: 1/3  This is... Continue Reading →

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“In the Margins” by Elena Ferrante

"Once written, besides, Neapolitan seems sterilized. It loses passion, loses affect, loses the sense of danger it often communicated to me. In my childhood and adolescence, it was the language of coarse male vulgarity, the language of the violence of men calling to you on the street, or, contrarily the sugary-sweet language with which women... Continue Reading →

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Book review: “The Hollow Gods” by A.J. Vrana

"Seems like everyone’s fucked up, only no one looks it from the outside." ~The Hollow Gods Genre: ~Paranormal ~ Urban Fantasy ~ Fantasy ~ Mystery My rating: 4,5 / 5  Books: 1 / 2  Warning: Deaths / Violence / Oncology / Mental triggers (depression, anxiety) / Swearing  Some people are just meant to write stories for others,... Continue Reading →

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“The Atlas Six” by Olivie Blake

“Funny how that worked; the innocent fragility of being human. There were so many ways to break and so few of them heroic or noble.” Genre: #Fantasy #DarkAcademia #SciFi Books: 1 / 2  Whilst reading this book I had a nudging feeling of reading/watching something similar before. And yeah, read a GR annotation later, it... Continue Reading →

Book review: “Second sister” by Chan Ho-Kei

“Don't underestimate youngsters today, especially in this sick society. From young age, kids must learn how to survive in a jungle of deceitful adults.” Genre: #Mystery #Crime #Detective #AsianLiterature   My rating: 4 / 5  Warning: Suicide, cyber bullying, groping.  What starts as a fairly typical story written by the Asian author, involving - poor family, orphans, suicide, becomes an eye... Continue Reading →

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